Wednesday, March 30, 2011

She's dead but I'm going to hold onto her dead body for awhile

I met her 3 years ago. Julietta. I had this awesome connection with her, and it wasn’t the same connecting I had with my ‘best friend’ a few years ago. That friendship ended in sadness when my "friend" said that labeling her as a friend was ruining her chances of ever actually having friends. Julietta and I had a two way friendship connection.
Score 1 for geeks everywhere.
Now, she’s dead.
I’m sad.
I may have shed a few tears.
Dog tried cheering me up by dragging rabbit feces through the house that may or may not have had deadly diseases. (I love that dog.)
I was so distressed that I forget to wash my hair so it’s greasy.
I sat down on the sidewalk crying, makeup running down my eyes to my cheeks and my hair a greasy mess.
Somebody asked if I was Ke$ha.
Things just haven’t been going well.
I was just searching the web for pictures of Bob Saget when she just died.
It wasn’t my fault. Her screen just transformed into a random swirl of colors and blurs. I unplugged her charger from the wall outlet and promised that I would find some way to revive her.
I imagined Geek Squad would pull her apart on a table and say, “We can rebuild her. We have the technology and all that money we scammed out of those computer buffoons.”
Those geeks suck because she’s dead. They are computer geeks, but they let my computer down. Do you see Star Wars geeks speaking Klingon?  Do you see Apple geeks peeing on iPods and buying Zunes? No, you don’t because you are never supposed to fail at what geekery you specify in, ESPECIALLY if you chose a career in your geek field.
Why computer geeks? Why?
I planned a laptop funeral and said good-bye to all my files and embarrassing photos.
I’m just going to keep her damaged screen and busted body in the other room for now…
Maybe someday she can be fixed.


  1. Oh, I have soooo missed your blog posts! I am even more happy you are back!

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I have been through simliar losses, but really sad thing is I am a computer geek... I too lamet the loss of a dearly departed computer... what will my life be like without it?!... been there done that... it sucks to high heaven! I had a 300 GB hard drive crash once... I had two DVD backups which BOTH FRICKING FAILED! I lost customer photos... UGH!

    Sometimes I just scream.... I HATE COMPUTERS!!! ARGH! Then my loving family says, "Why did you major in computer science then?" UGH!
    Stef at

  2. Sorry bud :-(

  3. My sister had a laptop death a month or so ago. She displayed it for all to see with a flower resting on top of it for quite some time - she still has it though. In fact it was only this morning that I caught her trying to resuscitate it... it didn't work.

    Just stopped over from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party

  4. how can I follow you or subscribe to your blog? love your writing but since I'm technically challenged.....did I miss it on your blog? the subscribe thing without having to create a yahoo, google, twitter or whatever else is out there that I have yet to sign up for..LOL..thanks!


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